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Top 5 tips that have helped talented quieter professionals in 2017

It has been inspiring and a pleasure to work with talented quieter professionals this year, where I have witnessed people:


  • getting new jobs where they can contribute their talents more fully and be valued.
  • courageously ask for a new role or promotion – some got it and some work in progress.
  • experimenting with various adjustment strategies to be heard, more visible and valued.
  • whose managers commented on the shifts they observed in their presence and contribution.
  • lift their self-belief and seeing their own potential to become powerful authentic leaders.


A few of the Quietly Powerful virtual group coaching participants shared some of their takeaways here, in a short 2.5 minute video.


Below are the top 5 tips that my clients have had successes with:


  1. Challenge the story you tell yourself about yourself: don’t listen to everything you tell yourself about yourself, you can change the story.
  2. Manage your emotional state: use deliberate practices that train your mind to manage your state, it gives you freedom to choose your stories and behaviours.
  3. Listen: listen to others fully so that the attention is on adding value to them, not you.
  4. Ask questions: ask quality questions and you don’t always have to be the most clever, witty, entertaining person who can think on their feet.
  5. Find a mission, a ‘why’ to adapt and succeed: where there is a why, there’s a stronger will, which is the key to adapting and succeeding.


If you want to go on the journey to thrive because of your quieter nature, not in spite of it, here are a few resources to get you started:



I am looking forward to seeing more talented quieter professionals thrive and leverage their leadership strengths. If you are naturally quieter or have been pretending and covering up your quieter nature, stop faking till you make it, as we need more quietly powerful leaders in the world.


The next cohort for the Quietly Powerful virtual group coaching program for women will start in February 2018 (see Flyer). Limited spots available and a few spots are already taken.


In 2018 there will be some new developments at Quietly Powerful as well. Join us, so together we can rule the galaxy... I mean develop as Quietly Powerful Leaders and expand the definition of what good leadership looks like. (Just back from watching Star Wars VIII so I couldn't help it...)


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